In the face of today’s challenges, the need for digital transformation has become clearer than ever. All companies need to provide connected digital services from anywhere and at scale - both to employees as well as customers. And being able to do this without compromising on security or user experience is essential. Digital transformation demands identity and access management technology that can seamlessly interoperate across your entire ecosystem.

Join us to look at the current challenges that have been brought to light by COVID-19.
Has this changed your priorities in your digital transformation journey?
Is your current system up to the task, or is it time to modernise?


14:00 - Welcome Remarks & Introduction
14:10 - 14:25 - Session 1 - Delegate Presentation


Our way of working more or less changed overnight with the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. What changes (if any) has this brought to how we manage Confidenciality, Integrity and Availability? What changes in risk – or emerging new ones – have we seen as a result of the current situation? What experiences have been had so far, and how will we be moving forward?


  • Bjørn R. Watne – SVP, and Head of Group Security with Storebrand (Financial Services/Insurance)
14:30 - 14:45 Session 2 - Partner Presentation

Balancing User Experience, Trust, Integrity and Security

Integrity and trust is at the heart of traditional business models. Digital transformation is challenging businesses to continue to deliver trust and integrity as services are increasingly moved away from the traditional outlets to online portals.

Covid-19 has made us all realise it's ever-more essential to deliver trust at the heart of a brand's digital products, services, and experiences. With almost everything going digital, how do you balance user experience, with trust and security?

Hear how a digital leader built their digital transformation strategy on Identity. During Covid-19 The BBC has been able to respond to increases in demand, while strengthening trust and maintaining Integrity.


  • Sutton Maxwell, RVP Nordics ForgeRock
14:45 -15:15 - Session 3 - Open Discussions Q&A

Society post COVID19 – will we be a name, or just a number?

The World has been forced into digitalization overnight. Much more effectively than any CDO or CEO has managed up until now. Slow and steady we are looking to return to the much anticipated "normal state", but what is normal? What will be normal? While there will certainly be physical interaction also in the future, we're looking at a world that very quickly will become much more digital – and with it the need to further secure also our digital life, and identity.

Panel Questions:

1. Challenges
a. Some security and digital professionals say that the current platforms in place no longer solve tomorrow's challenges? Do you agree / what is your experience?
b. COVID-19 has increased the need for Digital transformation. What are the biggest challenges you have experienced as a result of the current world situation?

2. Opportunities
a. What changes / business opportunities do you see come out of the current situation?
b. Does Security take up more space on the board now than 3 months ago? How has your role changed?

3. Trust
a. onsumers are waking up due to infringement of privacy, therefore, how do you position yourself as a trusted ‘provider’ of your users/customers/ client’s data?
b. How to combine the interest of the company and the interest of the customer?

4. Action
a. What actions are needed today to stay current and be able to respond to these challenges?
b. How do you balance user experience with trust and security for your organisation(s)?


Surinder Rait, Director of IT Security Programs at Ericsson
  • Sutton Maxwell, RVP Nordics ForgeRock
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