Ten new solutions to support your businesses – available now!

The last few months have been incredibly tough for everybody, but for those of us in the events and hospitality industry, the challenges have been especially demanding. With months still to go before any sort of physical corporate event will be possible, it remains a highly uncertain future for anyone involved.

However, there’s an old saying that every cloud has a silver lining and, for us at InfoTeam International, that adage has certainly rung true over the spring and summer. When we launched our conferences last year, it was with the intention of them being merely the start of an exciting future. Whilst our executive-level conferences will remain our main focus and the central pillar to our business, the enforced break has allowed us to expedite the planning of our other, all-round marketing service packages.

And so, we are proud to announce the launch of not one or two new services, but an incredible, wide-reaching range of services available to help support businesses of all sizes and of all types.

Chat Service

From live chat support to organising your very own bespoke conferences, and from cyber security programmes to helping you generate your very own sales leads, we can now provide bespoke services to suit your needs.

The full list of services available are listed below, and more information on each can be found at our new Solutions & Service page on our website

  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • Bespoke Roundtable Events
  • Conference Summits
  • Smart Webinars
  • Social Media Event Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Growth Management Support
  • Virtual Assistant and Administrative Support
  • Marketing
  • Online Chat Support

Over the coming months we’ll feature each of these in more detail on the blog, but to kick us off today we’ll focus on two of our featured ideas.


Cyber crime is arguably the single biggest threat facing businesses around the world with its ever-increasing sophistication in terms of style of attack and its ability to cause real damage to its targets. The business community is in a constant race to try and stay ahead of the curve and keep their business systems protected at all times, or face the risk of data breaches, reputational damage and operational downtime, each with huge financial implications.

Our core events business operates within the cyber protection industry, and with such insight into the best practices, challenges and solutions, we are uniquely placed to understand the requirements of any customer. Using our established relationships across a broad range of suppliers of technology providers and consulting firms, we can help provide you with the best tools and solutions to meet your IT needs and mitigate the risks of a cyber-attack.

Here are a selection of the solutions we have sourced as an example of what is on offer.

Prevent Data Loss: We have secured use of a world-leading Data Loss Prevention solution which enables the proactive protection against internal and external threats. The smart technology provides alerts and provides critical real-time information in the event of a data exfiltration, is easy to implement, meets all regulatory requirements and gives full visibility.

Online Threat Hunting: Our specialist online solution includes a fully managed service using AI, machine learning and natural processing to identify and prioritise potential threats whilst scanning the internet to detect and take down potential threats and fraudulent activity.

Brand Protection: Our hand-picked cyber experts monitor, analyse and map online threats to prioritise them, specialising in phishing and fraud attempts. With a substantial threat increase in recent months with millions of employees working at home for the first time, they have detected thousands of fresh threats and removed them through formal legal routes.


As well as a full Virtual Assistant (VA) service, including administrative support and social media marketing, our focus on supporting start-ups and SMEs is most prominent within our new Online Chat Support. Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can relax, knowing that whatever the time of day, someone is helping your site visitors find what they are searching for and improving the efficiency of your online operations.

Don’t miss out on potential customer conversions, or lose valuable prospects by only being available in working hours – we can help you improve your customer focus, your conversion rates and, ultimately, your bottom line.

You can find all ten of our new solutions on our main website, here. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can help you understand how we might be able to help.