InfoTeam Smart Webinars Launched Successfully

Our European-wide launch programme had been widely praised and recommended

When InfoTeam International was founded last year, our main intention is to provide highly targeted conferences with true expertise and support being offered to our exclusive C-Suite delegates. We make sure that these conferences are placed in comfortable and community-based surroundings - but the inevitable COVID 19 happened!

Due to the pandemic, the last few months had been very challenging for us all but we did not lose hope and failing due to the pandemic is not an option. Instead we at InfoTeam had taken the opportunity to launch a brand new series of online conferences.

Smart Webinar

The biggest challenge was to have an intimate feel which is lacking in many online conferences and which we are known for. It took a lot of careful planning and execution for us to achieve the intimate feel in our Smart Webinars. We had invited some of the most renowned experts from across Europe to present, discuss and answer questions relevant to the agenda of the webinar. As a result, our new Smart Webinars not only became popular but was proven effective and a highly efficient way for CIO and CISOs to interact and most importantly learn from each other.

To date we have produced five webinar events, spread across the whole of Northern and Central Europe. We have covered topics such as but not limited to the risk of working remotely, modernising digital businesses and looking at the impact of Ransomware attacks and how to best respond.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken part so far and has made the webinars successful! If you would like to be a part of our new events, check out for a full list of upcoming events and dates.