In the face of today’s Disruptive Economy and digital transformation trends, competitive pressure is increasing. As you evolve your business to keep pace, you are likely struggling with legacy identity and access management (IAM) software that is siloed, inflexible, and unable to scale as you grow. Digital transformation demands IAM technology that can seamlessly interoperate across your ecosystem, identifying and providing secure access to your customers, workforce, and things at any touchpoint. But the prospect of migrating to a new solution is daunting.

There is no need to go through the pain, risk, and expense of ripping out your legacy identity solutions so that you can gain competitive advantage. Join us to find out if the solutions used today are enough to track and manage digital identities? Is your infrastructure up to the task, or is it time to modernise?


2:00pm - 2:50pm - Registration
2:50pm - 3:00pm - Welcome Remarks
3:00pm - 3:30pm - Delegate Presentation


New technologies such as IoT, the automation of virtually all business processes, and the increasing digital connectedness of the entire value chain not only create agility, but they also significantly raise cyber security risks and threat levels.

As next-generation devices are also being deployed in potentially vulnerable environments such as vehicles, hospitals, and energy plants, there is a vastly increased risk to human welfare, as well threats to a business itself. Concerns about such devices being hacked, turned into botnets, and used to attack targeted computers and organizations are growing, and with the stakes so high, senior IT leaders need to adopt a more proactive approach to securing critical data.

This transformative change must happen not only with technology, but also with core people processes, culture and behavioral change is required. It also requires organizations to overcome significant trust barriers and collaborate with competitors and law enforcement agencies to effectively target the threats.

This session will discuss the changes that need to be made in order to combat this new ear of cyber warfare, and the proactive approach organizations need to uptake if they are to transform their cyber security strategy.


• Hanne Hansen, Interim CISO at Orsted

3:30pm - 4:00pm - Partner Presentation


Delivering digital experiences that meet customer expectations is critical to digital transformation, but opportunities to get up close and personal with customers intersect with risk, security and a lack of trust.

In this talk, ForgeRock will share their approach to:

  • Designing seamless and secure Customer Journeys - real-time, contextual and relevant
  • Better Customer Engagement based on transparency, choice and control
  • Personal data as a shared asset in a true value exchange
  • Meeting the demands of regulations - GDPR, ePrivacy, PSD2 & Open Banking
  • Identity and Consent Lifecycle Management
4:00pm - 4:30pm - Delegate Presentation

Maintaining high standards in password security


• Per Thorsheim, Group CISO at Nordic Choice Hotels

4:30pm - 5:00pm - Panel Debate


Modernizing your legacy systems and understanding the importance of a strong Digital identity platform

There's tremendous pressure today than ever to compete in today's digital world. Regulations like GDPR and PSD2 as well as consumers increased awareness around data privacy require an infrastructure that is interoperable across multiple digital ecosystems and capable of knowing, securing, and serving the audience at any touchpoint.

Trust, consent, and knowledge around data sharing are mutually reinforcing elements of a strong relationship between online platforms and their users.

As the sharing of personal data online becomes increasingly ubiquitous, consumers are looking to companies to protect their information while also allowing them to easily maintain control over their data / digital identity.

There is no definitive Perimeter today with more and more usage of cloud services. Digital identities have changed with IoT, BOTS coming into the picture.

Are the solutions used today enough to track and manage the digital identities? Is your infrastructure up to the task, or is it time to modernize

Panel Questions:

1. Challenges
a. Some security and digital professionals say that the current platforms in place no longer solve tomorrow's challenges? Do you agree?

2. New regulations, New challenges, New opportunities
a. With the growing requirements as a result of new regulations and directives like GDPR and PSD2, what challenges does this bring to your organization?

3. Consumers trust
a. Consumers waking up due to infringement of privacy, therefore, how do you position yourself as a trusted 'provider' of your users/customers/ client's data?
b. Is this a challenge or an opportunity or both?
c. How to combine the interest of the company and the interest of the customer?

4. Action
a. What actions are needed today to stay current and be able to respond to these challenges?
b. Do you think technology alone can fix the issue or we need some process improvements along with clear roles and responsibilities to strengthen this area i.e. combination of People, Process & Technology.


• Surinder Rait, Director of IT Security Programs at Ericsson


• Per Thosheim, Group CISO at Nordic Choice Hotels
• Olle Jonsson, Senior VP IT at Skanska Group
• Jens Rolan, CISO at Lyse AS
• Hanne Hansen, Interim CISO at Orsted

5:30pm - 8:00pm - Networking Dinner followed by drinks reception
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