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Cyber Security Transition & Transformation

New technologies such as IoT, the automation of virtually all business processes, and the increasing digital connectedness of the entire value chain not only create agility, but they also significantly raise cyber security risks and threat levels.

As next-generation devices are also being deployed in potentially vulnerable environments such as vehicles, hospitals, and energy plants, there is a vastly increased risk to human welfare, as well threats to a business itself. Concerns about such devices being hacked, turned into botnets, and used to attack targeted computers and organizations are growing, and with the stakes so high, senior IT leaders need to adopt a more proactive approach to securing critical data.

This transformative change must happen not only with technology, but also with core people processes, culture and behavioral change is required. It also requires organizations to overcome significant trust barriers and collaborate with competitors and law enforcement agencies to effectively target the threats.

This session will discuss the changes that need to be made in order to combat this new ear of cyber warfare, and the proactive approach organizations need to uptake if they are to transform their cyber security strategy.


• Geir Arild Engh Hellesvik, Group CISO at VY

3:30pm - 4:00pm - Partner Presentation

Threats & Attacks


The time element is the essence of defending organization. The quicker you can catch the hacker is really important. This is what Cybereason is really good at using the time to catch the hacker.

Throughout the past year, we’ve seen quite a lot - from organisations being sprayed with malware by cybercrime groups to nation state-backed APTs. In this session, we’ll share some of the more prominent attacks we’ve seen, which techniques were used, what were the attackers after and what you need to know about how to protect yourself from such attacks. We will discuss techniques, methods, trends, and what it means to your security posture.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the latest attack techniques from a world-leading researcher
  2. What attackers are after and what assets a defender needs to protect
  3. How these techniques threaten traditional cyber defenses
  4. How you should be thinking about your security posture in response to these attacks


• Erik Engberg, Senior Sales Engineer at Cybereason

4:00pm - 5:00pm - Panel Debate


Every business today is being digitalized and modernized into the (wonderful) world of information technology and interconnectivity. Every business has a strong focus on being first with the latest, adding killing features and lightning-fast performance.

Keeping up with security in the wake of this superagile move forward sometimes proves a challenge to many Security Officers. In this panel we've gathered some senior security professionals along with bleeding-edge vendors, to discuss what we've learned (if anything) from the past; the biggest challenges we're facing today and how to combat them – and last but not least – what we think the future hold and how we go about protecting it.

It's all about modernizing the Digital Security Strategy.

Panel Questions:

1) Looking in the mirror; is there anything, in particular, you have learned – or realize it would have been better to do completely different?
2) When modernizing your strategy – is it really the strategy you're modernizing, or more the tools and approach? Thoughts?
3) What are your biggest concerns these days? Where do you struggle the most to keep your (Cybersecurity) risk within your appetite?
4) Looking in the crystal ball; what do you think will be most important to address in your Digital Security Strategy going forward?
5) If you had a bottle (with a genie); What would your three wishes be in terms of solutions to help you out with your future challenges?


• Bjorn Watne - Group CISO at Storebrand/SPP


• Jens Rolan, Group CISO at Lyse AS

• Oscar Wide, Group CISO at AFRY

• Artem Poryadin, Head of IAM at Nets Group

• Erik Engberg, Senior Sales Engineer at Cybereason

5:00pm - 8:00pm - Networking Dinner followed by drinks reception
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