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We believe that there is a new way of looking at risks and we aim to inspire others to use and adapt our approach and ideas. It is in that aspect not only a new idea and way of looking at the world, it is also based on actual implementation and gives guidelines on how to implement this way of thinking. This way of thinking reconnects IT and business on the theme of risk and continuity. It also enhances empowerment. Since it promotes that all employees are professionals and know how to do good and want to do good. Trusting them to act upon risks empowers the entire organization and helps reduce the consequences when incidents occur. There is always a colleague that takes responsibility.

To achieve this we radically changed everything that is held to be true in security and continuity. We don’t use baselines, we trust employees, we work with a different view on ‘in control’, we do risk assessments on an entire business process within a week, we have a no-blame culture, etc.

Panel Questions:

1) Are you in control, and do you know all the security risks in your organisation?
2) Has your IT department been telling you they are in control by implementing baselines?
3) Do you have the feeling you are squeezed between regulations and emerging threats while the auditors tell you ‘You are compliant'?
4) Does your gut feeling tell you to do things differently?


• Ardie Kleijn, CISO at Dutch National Police


• Christopher Franskin, CIO at Cigna
• Anosh Thakkar, CDO at Mckinsey and Company
• Sebastian Back, Principal, and Cyber Security Strategist at Cybereason

3:50PM - 4:20pm - Partner Presentation


The time element is the essence of defending organization. The quicker you can catch the hacker is really important. This is what Cybereason is really good at using the time to catch the hacker.

Threats & Attacks

Throughout the past year, we’ve seen quite a lot - from organisations being sprayed with malware by cybercrime groups to nation state-backed APTs. In this session, we’ll share some of the more prominent attacks we’ve seen, which techniques were used, what were the attackers after and what you need to know about how to protect yourself from such attacks. We will discuss techniques, methods, trends, and what it means to your security posture.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the latest attack techniques from a world-leading researcher
  2. What attackers are after and what assets a defender needs to protect
  3. How these techniques threaten traditional cyber defenses
  4. How you should be thinking about your security posture in response to these attacks


• Sebastian Back, Principal, and Cyber Security Strategist at Cybereason

4:30pm - 5:00pm - Delegate Presentation


Digital trust must strengthen business relationships through ethics and security moreover an ethical framework may represent rules of behavior - value-neutral.

By using an ethical framework and security prior to processing personal data using an (algorithm) analysis, by picking an ethical framework within any organization upfront the discussion becomes less about what is ethical or unethical to whether the scenario meets the threshold under your agreed-upon values.

In this session, It aims to discuss the challenges of using fair information practices as an ethical framework. This is a frequent mischaracterization and misuse— fairness (Principle relating to processing of personal data under GDPR art 5.1a) here being the ethical goalpost'.

An insight into e-discovery process development in an Internal Investigations function that includes:

  • The key considerations
  • Integration into the end to end investigation process
  • Case study on the establishment of E-Discovery program in Philips


• Shairil Yahya, Head of Fraud IT at Philips

5:00pm - 5:30pm - Delegate Presentation


RACE approach aims to inspire you how we dealt with risk management in a refreshing way. This will lead you to get a grip on knowing the real risks and lead you through the maze of security and continuity, addressing the relevant risks and reaching an optimum at any given moment in time, being able to rapidly adapt to new situations and connect doing business with security. The focus is on doing business in a controlled way.

Use our approach and concepts to think differently, to be more successful, and be in control. Our approach is based on more than twenty years of experience, and trial and error. It’s not just a method on paper, but a real proven approach that works.

'This way of thinking opened the possibility to provide mobile devices fit for use and proved to our management that the risks were manageable.’ Edwin Delwel. Chief Commissioner and Head of Mobile Solutions Dutch Police Force


• Ardie Kleijn, CISO at Dutch National Police

• Anne Miek Wauters, Deputy CISO at Dutch National Police

Ardie Kleijn and Anne Miek Wauters are the authors of the book RACE. Risk-Aware Culture and Empowerment. They aim to share the practical approach that adds a new dimension to how we look at information security, especially in involving management.’ Inge Philips-Bryan. Public Policy Leader, Partner Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte Netherlands. The book is available to purchase at the event.

5:30pm - 8:00pm - Dinner and Networking
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