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The workplace is rapidly evolving, and today’s leading CIOs and CISOs recognize the need to enable business transformation for a digital-secure first world. But without a holistic view of the organization, simply adding new technologies can do more harm than good. For true digital transformation success, organizations must understand the critical nature of security in cross-departmental collaboration and alignment.

In the past, it may have been acceptable to plan for new technology implementations in a silo, but this is no longer the case. Without a thorough understanding of end user needs and workflows, it can be all too easy to increase complexity with the addition of new digital tools, which can quickly undermine employee productivity and customer experience.

Leaders must therefore establish open communication throughout the organization in order to have the information necessary to make improvements. If teams are not empowered to voice their needs and concerns, then the entire organization will eventually be negatively affected. In contrast, when leaders across departments are aligned and can seamlessly collaborate on strategies that take into account how the business operates as a whole, then successful transformation is much more likely.

Strategic alignment throughout an organization removes barriers to transformation. This alignment begins at the top with leaders who foster a culture of collaboration, partnership, growing skills, and teamwork. Organizations that are unable to adopt such a framework may soon be left behind.

Panel Questions:

  1. How can CIOs and CISO's identify whether the structure of their organization is supportive of collaborative work during covid19?
  2. What steps can CIOs or CISO's take to foster a culture of improved collaboration within their organizations?
  3. How can CIOs and CISO's measure improvements in collaboration in times of crisis?
  4. What are the best practices you've done during Covid19 and what strategy have you implemented?


• Jay Moloo, Corporate ISO at DB Schenker


• Liliana Camaican, Head of Innovation at Tata Global Beverage
• Rhiannon Lawson, Head of Technology at Cabinet Office
• Daniel Selman, Chief Privacy Officer at Camelot
• Charles Timson, Digital Director at House of Parliament

3:50 - 4:20 - Delegate Presentation

Digital Transition vs Transformation

Although sometimes referred to interchangeably, digital transition and digital transformation are actually quite different. While digital transition is a shift away from analog in favor of digital platforms and tools for improved speed, accuracy, reliability, etc…, digital transformation is a fundamental change in how organizations structure their relationship with technology and how they do business. Both must be embraced and prepared for as digitization continues to disrupt and restructure all industries.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to embrace strategies for digital transition and transformation in your organization
  • How to enable employees to foster digital transition/transformation
  • How to prepare for and address the new security risks associated with digital transition/transformation


• Charles Timson, Digital Director at House of Parliament

4:30 - 5:00 - Delegate Presentation

Process Alignment and Cybersecurity

People and process alignment has never been more important than in today’s unpredictable business climate. A holistic approach to digital security that emphasizes cross-organizational collaboration between various individuals and teams can allow for system weaknesses to be identified quickly and for rapid adjustments to follow. In contrast, a misaligned, uncollaborative organization will have a very difficult time staying ahead of ongoing threats, even with the best technology in place. Relying more on collaborative processes and less on defensive technology alone will prove to be an important factor in digital security strategies.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What steps can CISOs take to begin operating their organizations with a more holistic digital security approach
  • How to correct misalignment within the organization
  • How to organize teams within the organization to create effective business processes


• John Shaw, Global CIO at Primeline Group

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